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    Lip Balm 10ML

    RM62.00 MYR
    Multi-purpose repair balm. This all natural skin treatment has been formulated from beeswax, 2 natural butters and 4 natural oils selected for their healing properties. Colourless and fragrance-free. HUYGENS BALM FOR LIPS AND DRY PATCHES contains 100% ingredients of natural origin and 84,7% ingredients produced from organic farming. All our products respect HUYGENS' organic charter.

    Eye Contour Cream 15ML

    RM148.00 MYR
    Developed specifically for the eye contour area this skincare concentrate targets dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Its fresh formula with decongesting cucumber extract smoothens and brightens around the eyes. The ash concentrate minimises the pigments responsible for the colouring of the skin and diminishes the signs of fatigue. The tensor effect of the paracress is instantaneous and works over time....