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  • Huygens x LY: Anti Stress Kit 减压套装
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Huygens x LY: Anti Stress Kit 减压套装

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1) Nebulizer Diffuser 芳香仪

手工精制的玻璃雾化瓶,与原木底座一体成形,完美的曲线、简约时尚的造型设计以真空拉力吸起精油,喷射在扩香仪内,精油撞击壁面后雾化成细小的分子,再随着气流通过狭小的气口飘散而出,较大的精油分子则被挡下,回流至扩香仪底部形成循环, 最安全、自然的扩香效果,给人俐落的极致体验。它净化空气,以其细腻柔和的香味填充空间,对身心产生深远的积极影响。 将几滴纯精油倒入玻璃烧瓶中,享受其芳香疗法的好处。强大且低噪音,调光器可以覆盖高达80平方米/ 900平方英尺的表面。 


2) Temple Essential Oil 10ML Temple减压精油10ML

成份: 薄荷、薰衣草、雪松、香叶天竺葵
功效:放鬆 - 抗壓 - 時差

3) Temple Body Wash 250ML Temple沐浴露250ML

HUYGENS沐浴露是由天然糖基发泡保护地球并锁水,椰子基发泡帮助润滑皮肤。Temple精油含 薄荷、薰衣草、雪松、香叶天竺葵,能有效舒缓心情保护皮肤,带走不良的情绪,缓解心理压力,让整个人更加放松,同时它还可以调节人体的荷尔蒙。

5) Temple Body Lotion 250ML Temple 润肤乳霜250ML

Huygens 润肤乳霜能立即吸收并保护皮肤。 富含有机乳木果油和天然甘油。 舒缓的金缕梅花水激活微循环。Temple精油含 薄荷、薰衣草、雪松、香叶天竺葵,能有效舒缓心情保护皮肤,带走不良的情绪,缓解心理压力,让整个人更加放松,同时它还可以调节人体的荷尔蒙。


Set Consist: 

1) Nebulizer Diffuser 

This elegant Nebulizer Diffuser preserves the quality of the pure essential oils thanks to cold air nebulisation. It purifies the air and fills the space with its delicate and soft scent, for a deep positive effect on mind and body.

Pour a few drops of pure essential oil into the glass flask and enjoy its aromatherapeutic benefits. Powerful and whisper-quiet, the dimmer allows to cover a surface up to 80m2/ 900ft2. 

Handblown glass and wooden base from a FSC certified sustainable forest.


2) Temple Essential Oil 10ML 

Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Cedar Wood

Nature abounds in the finest well-being substances. Essential oils are the aromatic extracts of plants, fruits and flowers and are known for their extraordinary benefits. They are extracted by steam distillation or by cold pressure.

The HUYGENS essential oil blends are 100% natural and organic.


3) Temple Body Wash 250ML 

Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Cedar Wood

Cleanses delicately. Sulfate-free.

HUYGENS shower gels are made of 99% of natural origin ingredients and 10,8% of organic agriculture ingredients.


4) Temple Body Lotion 250ML 

Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Cedar Wood

Absorbs instantly and protects the skin. Enriched with organic shea butter and natural glycerine. The soothing witch hazel flower water activates the microcirculation.

HUYGENS body milks contain 99% ingredients of natural origin and 10,6% ingredients produced from organic farming.