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  • Huygens x LY: Face Basic Kit 面部基本护理
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Huygens x LY: Face Basic Kit 面部基本护理

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1) Lavande D'Huygens Face Wash 薰衣草保湿洗面霜


独家Lavande D' Huygens精油配方含薰衣草及尤加利精油能帮助舒缓皮肤,保湿修复皮肤,帮助皮肤达到水油平衡的状态。 

2)Supernature Face Cream 75ML

显露健康的肌肤,自然发光,减少瑕疵。 质地轻盈,舒缓,舒缓,全天呈现哑光效果。 适合敏感肌肤。含有43%的有机玫瑰水,可激活微循环,促进肌肤光泽。 冬青*提取物精制并有助于治疗瑕疵,发红和褐斑。


HUYGENS Supernature Cream 含有99.4%的天然成分和85.9%的有机农业成分。

3) Face Scrub 旅行装面部角质霜    附送   



Set Consist: 

1) Lavande D'Huygens Face Wash 

Its smooth foam softly eliminates the impurities and respect the most fragile skins. sugar-based cleansing agent and without sulfates.

Floral water of witch hazel calms and favors the microcirculation. Contains some vegetable glycerin and some aloe vera juice. do not dry out and neutralized the effects of calcareous water. Clear and bright complexion, clear and fresh skin. Sulfate-free.

2) Supernature Cream 

Reveals a healthy looking skin that glows naturally and reduces imperfections. Its light texture nourishes, soothes and provides a matte appearance throughout the day. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Contains 43% organic rose water to activate the microcirculation and boost skin radiance. The wintergreen* extract refines and helps treat blemishes, redness and brown spots. 

*Natural salicyclic acid, an ultra-soft natural beta hydroxyl acid peel.

3) Face Scrub    FREE   

Creamy face scrub with rice powder particles. Gently purifies the skin. Long lasting healthy glow. The natural sesame oil nourishes the skin without a greasy feel while the anti-oxidant green tea infusion illuminates the skin complexion. Fresh and soft skin.